It's all about natural beauty

The best things in life are free. So are the gifts given to us by nature
One of these natural treasures is the Dead Sea, source of 21 different therapeutic minerals, each one providing unique cosmetic benefits essential to maintaining healthy, supple skin.
Being the only cosmetics company world-wide whose brand name – Pure Dead Sea – is a registered Trademark, you can rest assured that unraveling the mysteries of the earth is our true vocation.

We are committed to producing beauty products based on the natural resources of the Dead Sea, adhering to the strictest standards of quality and purity.

Pure Ingredients
The abundance of natural ingredients contained in each of our products reflects our company's philosophy and also our way of life.

Nature is giving us all we need to thrive – mineral rich mud derived from the depths of the earth, magical waters, the sun's rays warming the atmosphere, wonderful scents extracted from medicinal herbs, essential oils and a multitude of vitamins.
All these ingredients are contained in our patented formulas for creating natural beauty products designed for beautiful skin and uplifted spirits.
However, the one irreplaceable ingredient which brings all our cosmetic formulas to life is the promise you make to YOURSELF. This promise is about living right, treating your body right and enjoying the beauty nature has given you.
We have the knowledge to develop and produce top quality products. The rest – is up to you.

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