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Face Care


Pure Fact -

The air in the Dead Sea region is so rich with oxygen, breathing is made easier…
Speaking the skin's language and letting it inhale the best of what nature has to offer – that is the core of our unique Face Care product line.
Our advanced Triple Effect Complex formula will help you de-age your skin naturally and safely, revitalize each cell and recapture your youthful appearance.
Pure Dead Sea Face Care products are based on 21 Dead Sea minerals, which act as "messengers" helping the skin gather information from the outside world, perform its metabolic functions, facilitate the entrance of nourishing substances and retain moisture where necessary.

Let your skin breath in nature's luxury and it will repay you with a healthy glowing complexion for many years to come.

Make yourself a PROMISE – Listen to your skin.
As seasons change, skin's needs may fluctuate, and moisture levels should be adapted accordingly.
Most importantly – make it a daily ritual to nourish your skin, using lotions based on natural ingredients. Soon enough you will be smiling at the new 'You' in the mirror!
Guarantee: All Pure Dead Sea products are Paraben free & SLS/ SLES free, and combine 21 minerals taken from the depths of the Dead Sea.



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