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Body Care


Pure Fact -

Dead Sea Waters are so soothing, they enable effortless tranquil floating…

The feather-light texture of our body skincare products floats over skin, absorbs easily and leaves your skin silky smooth and wonderfully supple.
The rich blend of Dead Sea minerals helps detoxify the skin and maintain its moisture balance, rewarding you with a sensuous feeling and radiant body skin you would want to show off. Just select the scent of your choice and enjoy!

Make yourself a PROMISE – Practice a regular beauty routine.

Choose your creams wisely and avoid exposing your skin to harsh chemicals.

Brush your body care skin using a soft bristled body brush to get rid of dead skin cells, and always apply body lotion after having a bath.

Modifying your daily beauty routine a tiny bit, will help you add flawless skin to the list of your best qualities.

Guarantee: All Pure Dead Sea products are Paraben free & SLS/ SLES free, and combine 21 minerals taken from the depths of the Dead Sea.
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