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Hair Care


Pure Fact -
The atmosphere in the Dead Sea region is so pure, it provides a "shield" of clean air, making even the sun rays softer…
Our Hair care products encapsulate cleanliness, sparkling golden sunshine and the crispiness of fresh, tingling air. The sensation you get every time you use one of our products is the same – a feeling of being alive, tinted with expectation.
Pure Dead Sea Hair Care products gently clean the scalp, protect and nourish the hair, strengthening its structure and making it glow.
Make yourself a PROMISE – Your hair is ALIVE, so make sure you treat it gently. Stay away from the all-in-one conditioner and shampoo combos, always prefer natural products, and if possible, let your hair dry by itself. Nourish the hair both from the inside and the outside, and… reap what you sow! 

Guarantee: All Pure Dead Sea products are Paraben free & SLS/ SLES free, and combine 21 minerals taken from the depths of the Dead Sea.
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