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Spa Care


Pure Fact -
Dead Sea soil is so rich, it has been producing its healing substance for thousands of years – exceptional concentrations of natural minerals vital for health and skin.
The force of life captured within 21 active minerals becomes tangible once enjoying our natural SPA product lines.

The most invigorating SPA treatment is right there at your fingertips – products enriched with anti-aging ingredients and nutrients which will ease away stress, help relaxation of nerve endings, eliminate toxins, facilitate the entrance of nourishing substances and make your skin glow.
Make yourself a PROMISE Do one thing just for yourself everyday.
Treat yourself to a reviving bath with Dead Sea Salts, followed by the luxurious caress of the purest of body butters, enriched with a special cocktail of vitamins and essential oils. It's a relief your senses will cherish and your skin will treasure.
Guarantee: All Pure Dead Sea products are Paraben free & SLS/ SLES free, and combine 21 minerals taken from the depths of the Dead Sea.
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