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Our Brand

Although only officially launched in 2010, Pure Dead Sea has been evolving for many years.

It is a company operated by individuals who have had vast experience of the Dead Sea, some having lived and worked there and others having been regular visitors for treatment of skin related conditions including psoriasis and eczema. 

Our decision to invest in a range of cosmetic products came from the desire to make sure the qualities of the Dead Sea were truly represented in terms of authenticity. 

To that end, Pure Dead Sea is the only company in the world which has a trade mark on the name Dead Sea. This is very important to us because as a result, we have to prove that all our products contain actual Dead Sea minerals.   Certain other cosmetic manufacturers make this claim but in reality use less quality minerals sourced elsewhere. 

Pure Dead Sea will never supply to the consumer anything other than genuine Dead Sea products.

All Pure Dead Sea products are Paraben free, SLS free and SLES free.   Our products are entirely made from naturally sourced ingredients.   None of our products have been tested on animals.   
All packaging materials are eco-friendly and are labelled with a full ingredient list and an indication of efficacy after opening.
Pure Dead Sea pledge to invest substantial time in quality control in the production of all its product range as we consider that to be fundamental to our business success.  Simply, we have an ethos which commits us to provide high quality, good value and effective products for both men and women and welcome any feedback in terms of improvements from our valued customer base.
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